Friday, March 9, 2007

Subscription based blogging?

Would netizens pay and subscribe to a blog’s content? That’s a million dollor question. An American firm is now working on a subscription based revenue model. This issue of whether online paid content is better than free content available online has been debated for a lon time. Infact it has been debated right from the dawn of the web. A lot of firms tried it in the past and reality struck them hard. If someone is offering the same content free of cost why would anyone pay, unless of course there is a significant value add. However this is not the situation. There is minimal differentiation possible in the internet.

Infact some firms have gone 1 step ahead. Instead of asking customers to pay for content, they are paying people to create content. With so many advertising options available to publishers these days like google adsense, adbrite, commission junction and so on, the publishers feel that “content is king” One such website which pioneered the “paid to blog” concept is (Gain pals - Social Networking web site India)


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